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Few nights of the year carry more pressure while promising more disappointment than the last. I have firmly come the the conclusion that there is a direct correlation between how hard you try to have a bad ass new year’s eve and how much it ends up sucking. So…this is how I plan on not trying this year:

Step 1: I will wear the dress that has been sitting in my closet since two new year’s eves ago and that, let’s face it, I know I look great it. I will not bust out the gift cards, scour the mall knowing I won’t really find what I’m looking for and eventually settle on some new shoes or lip stick or chunky necklace I don’t need or even really want but I’m not a quitter when I shop and I will buy something. No.

Step 2: I will go to my bff’s house and not some overly crowded, overly priced party at a bar or a restaurant or wherever. I will not uber there, pressure myself into having “the time of my life” — even though that’s what I would feel like better f-ing happen given how much I just spent — and then worry about how I am going to get back home. I will go to my best friend’s house, dance in the kitchen, and take my shoes off whenever I feel like it. I will play Beyonce over and over again, because I can, and I will eventually put on sweat pants. Hells to the yes.

Step 3 (and this one’s important): I will give zero fucks about who else will be at this party, if I feel fat that night or not, or who is making out with who. Not my problem. Because the most important part of not trying too hard is to not try too hard, honestly and fully. You can’t phone this in.

So let’s recap how to not have a sucky new year’s eve: don’t go to the mall, don’t blow your budget and don’t care about stuff. You’re welcome.

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PS- if you do, however, do all those things, you are me like every other year ever so, you know…no judgment. xoxo