d e t o x

by coco



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Now that we’ve all survived Christmas, who feels like they could use a little detox, physically and mentally? Me, too. That’s why I’m sharing a list of my favorite go to’s- all easy and readily available little things that make a big difference. Cheers to good health in the new year, friends!

1. Dry brushing: can I say obsessed? Ever since I started this technique twice a day a couple months ago, I’ve not only noticed all the listed benefits, but there is something just satisfying about the ritual of it, too. It is stimulating in the morning and soothing at night. [photo via free people blog]

2. Warm lemon water: benefits include a boost to the immune system, aided digestion, increased liver function, ph balancing properties (alkalining) and more. Do this first thing in the morning to reduce caffeine cravings and start your day right.

3. Oil pulling: admittedly not the most pleasant item on the list, but the benefits (whiter teeth, better oral health, decreased headaches and asthma, to name a few) make the process worth it. I use coconut oil, which isn’t so bad. Bonus: I put it on my skin and hair, too, for super-all-natural moisture. All hail coconut oil….

4. Walking. It’s so simple and for me, so therapeutic. Just a quick walk around the neighborhood and I find my mind more at ease, the fresh air invigorating. The physical benefits, too, are obvious: great for muscles, heart and brain. So for those sluggish days when I feel stuck, I look no further than a walk.

5. Yoga: I cannot say enough good things about yoga. Whether you have 20 minutes or 2 hours, whether you’re practicing at home or in a class, just get on the mat! Increased physical strength, mental clarity, better sleep at night, bye bye back pain, a happier outlook, etc. etc. etc.