{Vision Board}

by coco

Now that I’ve officially quit my job (….did I mention I officially quit my job?!?! *exhale) to focus full time on my last year of grad school (so close) and to work full-time in design, I am getting super excited about the flexibility and independence that will once again grace my schedule (how naive am I?!?! whatever, let me have this moment). I’m getting all butterfly-y and smiley over things like spontaneous trips, mid-day yoga classes, and cooking from home more. Sure, I will still be working 40+ hours a week, but I will be doing it on MY time. And likely in my pajamas….and/or from remote locations from time to time……….this is gonna be a sweet year.

more nature

Kale noodle bowl w/ avocado miso dressing. um, asap.




thanks john xo

coffee and a good book