The Dangers of 3D Printing

by coco

There was a great opinion article by Sam Jacob for Dezeen yesterday, discussing 3D printing and the danger of a world where we are dangerously bound to “fewer and fewer corporations” and/or where sad, half complete, bootleg 3D copies junk up our world.

Technology itself will not rescue us from our circumstance. We can’t draft a new world and print it out. In fact, the focus that digital design places on the object itself as an autonomous object, floating in its electronic amniotic sac, is itself a mirage of technology; a non-verbal argument about the nature of objects and society as much as a Fordist production line ever was.

If there is any hope of resurrecting Morris-esque resistance or Ruskinian ideology in a digital age, it is to recognise, as they did, that objects are not simply form but intrinsically politicised artifacts. And so are the technologies we use to produce them.

Full article: here