My Top 5 SF ‘Hoods

by coco

I want to move. Kind of. Eventually. I’m not totally in hate with our current Lower Pac Heights studio, and I don’t want to jump the gun (I’m still finishing grad school, may take a pay cut in the next year, want to pay off my credit cards, blah blah blah). But I can write about moving…and day dream about it. So here it is, the list of the 5 San Francisco neighborhoods I would most love to live in.

1) The Inner Sunset. Call me nostalgic (born there, spent my baby days being babysat by my grandparents in the back of a photography store on Irving, fondly remember hanging out there, again, as an early teenager, smoking cigarettes at cafes with older people who were much cooler than me, etc.) or cliche, take your pick, but I love this neighborhood. The park, the shopping, the food, the weather (just kidding), the Irish pubs….it’s home to me. Also great that it’s just a hop (Lincoln) skip (Oak) and a jump (Franklin) from other places you may need to be or a leisurely drive from the beach.

2) Potrero Hill. Duh. Close to the Design District. Quiet (no tourists, hello!), amazing views, sunnier days…killer legs from walking those hills, etc., etc. Love this neighborhood, have always wanted to live there, and we’ll leave it at that.

3) Noe Valley. Not so quiet, but still tons of charm, still some of the best weather in the city and full of great restaurants, neighborhood-y bars, yoga studios and cute cafes…cute babies and puppies everywhere. Sure. Why not. Doesn’t hurt that it’s super close to the Mission- a culturally rich neighborhood I love but don’t want to live in- either.

4) Lone Mountain. Rossi Park, all the food glory of Clement but none of the chaos, well groomed yards and happy children frolicking. I love Lone Mountain, so pretty and tucked away. My grandma’s ashes are here, too, at the Columbarium on Loraine. She grew up in this neighborhood and I love feeling close to her. ❤

5) Pacific Heights. I dream of living near the Presidio (not in it, just close by). There is a quiet calm in the back of Pacific Heights and sure you pay for it but I’m just day dreaming anyway, right?…