by coco

To me, like many if not all people, home is a very important thing, concept, place, feeling. It is a sanctuary, where I (can) feel completely safe, natural, relaxed and comfortable; a place where I can fall apart and come back together, create, rest, retreat, replenish… I am generally pretty happy when I’m home, and while I sometimes wish “home” were a bit more permanent (a studio is not forever), and that I had some money to pour into my space to make it more “me” (I will be the first to admit I have expensive taste at times), I am a content, young designer, making my way. And I realize home is more than an address. It is a state of being. Here are a couple of my favorite images from home:

Dresser pull. (Dresser repossessed by me, from my brother, who got it from my grandma’s house…I think it was originally our uncle’s. Anyway, we’ve got history.)

Living room display

“Max”, the painting by and from my boyfriend that got us together.

Matchbook collection