A Few Things…

by coco

Okay. A few things today:

(1) congratulations to Matt Cain and my San Francisco Giants for making history last night- that was awesome! [You can read about the perfect game here]

(2) I met Mark Nelson of Mark Nelson Designs, New York, today and loved the samples I saw! Here is a particular favorite, a custom grey (of course) wool carpet:

Grey Wool Carpet | MND

(3) After my internship this morning, I finally made it in to Sight Glass, the latest and greatest in the SF coffee scene. Great space. Great coffee.

Bean Bags

Retail Shelves

Air plants in an exterior concrete wall.

Happy coffee lover, heading back to work!

(4) It has been an awakening week for me- nothing like a loved one being in a scary motor-vehicle accident (hold breath) — but walking away okay! (exhale) — to turn up the gratitude knob big time. Things taste different. I have more energy. I am so grateful for the people in my life. Pardon the sappy moment, but I wanted to share this as a reminder to myself and to my readers….smile, tell people you love them, reach for your goals and be nice!!  I know how crazy it is out there, with the drivers, the riders, the bikers, the skaters..the places to be, the things to get done…the tension that day to day life can sometimes bring. But we have to slow down, share the road, try and let it go and be patient. And careful –because everybody is somebody’s somebody. xo, co