Our Environments Matter

by coco

I was asked recently what I wanted to do, why I wanted to be a designer. Among many reasons (some quite profound, some as simple as: because I like to design) one thing that has resonated with me for some time is my belief that our environments have a direct affect on our well-being, for better or for worse.  While they can be healing and bring us peace, rest, increased productivity, happiness, a sense of calm, etc., they can also foster distraction, destruction, bad habits, anxiety, etc.

So, I want to be a designer because, among other reasons, I want to make beautiful spaces while enhancing our well-being and respecting our resources. (I am also from the school of thought that what hurts one, hurts all, so my well-being at the cost of someone else’s (or the planet’s) is not well-being at all.)

That all being said, I think a connection to the natural world- natural light in particular- is important. It’s nice to consider not just how a space looks (which I do care about) but also the smells, the temperature, the sounds, the textures…they all impact how we feel, whether we are aware of it at the moment or not. I enjoy stopping to take an inventory of what’s around me, when I’m comfortable or uncomfortable, and using those mental notes when creating/re-creating a space.

Cheers to good design. xo