I Love Summer

by coco

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Like really, really love summer… Maybe because I’m a summer baby, or maybe because I’m a night owl and the thought of a warm, free night is like my dream come true…. In any event, I’m getting excited and happy, but also a little restless in my routine, in the (perpetually 60 something degrees) city, in the office, in the traffic, on the clock,  etc., etc. I love my urban life, I really do, and feel incredibly blessed with everything I’ve got going on (nice place, steady job, exciting design internship, good social life, whole foods, starbucks…) but the great outdoors are calling. Loud and clear. At the risk of sounding cliche, I’m so ready to get away.

I don’t have a camping trip lined up until late July (though not just any trip: my 25th (give or take a year) annual trip to the Yuba River, my very own little slice of heaven) but I’m counting the days until I can slip into quiet mornings, fresh air, grilled food and cold coronas, swimming/sun bathing/swimming/sun bathing circuits, and warm night shenanigans by the camp fire with family and good friends.

Until then I may just have to cross a bridge or two and take advantage of the warm weather and great outdoors right here in the Bay Area, get away for a weekend, perhaps, and enjoy the summer farmers’ markets (favorite produce is summer produce!), the baseball, the adventures waiting to be had and most of all, that carefree spirit that lingers in the summer air….Happy [almost] summer! xo