Let It Shine

by coco

Today is another cold, dark, wet one in SF. Football is in the air and I suspect many of us are off with family or friends watching the game. I spent my morning with my wonderful boyfriend and the afternoon with a Reiki energy worker in the Marina.

I was drawn to the idea of energy work, after a referral from a good friend, almost immediately because I, like many of us perhaps, feel a little (or a lot) ‘stuck’ in certain areas. After an insightful (and tearful) session, I am happy to say I home home safe and sound, happily working away on projects that really do inspire me. I was reminded to let, and will continue to work on letting, that precious light inside myself shine. These winter months are for embracing the quiet, reflective time inside and I will certainly turn to my home, my sancturary, for some comfort and guidance. Candles are lit, sage is burning. Happy ‘Sun’day my friends. xo

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Lantern Festival, Thailand