Holidays Are Here!

by coco

Okay….are you ready? Ready for that whirlwind holiday rush around, go everywhere, see everyone, eat and drink everything, dress up and dazzle time of year?? I had a quiet, productive weekend with plenty of take out and movies to prepare- because this week it’s meetings, work and school all jammed up in the beginning– then it’s food,  family and football (epic Niners game waiting to happen….can’t wait!) for Thanksgiving.  Saturday I’m leaving for Japan so that leaves Friday to shop, pack and prepare for a case (I’m going to help interview clients, so it’s for work but I am still excited to go!)…by the time I get back, December will be here and then it’s holiday parties, a couple 30th birthdays, a final, a paper, a school project and wait for it……. 10 days off from it all to celebrate Christmas and New Years, get some snowboarding in, SLEEP in and do whatever I want!! It’s a crazy ride and I’m ready. I love this time of year!

Thought I’d share some of my favorite decorations… true to my general approach to design: less is more…or less. Cheers!

Scrap wood tree via Remodelista, Via Vos gesParis

Starry String Lights via Remodelista

Via CB2 blog. Love the wreath and alternative tree!

Christmas Washi is a great way to wrap! via the