Sacred Places

by coco

One thing I feel about the importance of good design is that we humans are sensitive to our environments, so why not create environments, when and where we can, that are conducive to our needs…? Spaces that are beautiful and functional because Lord knows there is enough ugly out there…Right?

Right. But even greater than creating a sacred space is appreciating a natural one- out there somewhere and already perfect. Getting in those natural environments that take our breath away, stop us in our tracks and give us a rush of joy, remembrance and overwhelming peace all at once… places that remind us to slow down. like, way down, are so healing— and that’s where I’m headed tomorrow.

My family and I have been camping along the Yuba River in Indian Valley for over 20 years and it’s just a place like no other. 15 or so years ago, we named our dog Yuba, 6 years ago, when he passed away, we gave tribute to my dad on the bridge over the water. Every year we celebrate a handful of birthdays (I have never met more Leos, myself included!), and we swim, tan, eat, drink, play, laugh. We ride our inner tubes a mile down river and get out right across from the market and get frosties. We feel the sun on our faces and hear the crickets at night. We remember. We connect. And we slow down. One day in a place as sacred as this and it all turns around again…

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