Wallpaper at Home

by coco

Earlier this week we looked at how gallery frames can transform a room and add interest to otherwise big, boring walls. Now a look at wallpaper…

While it’s comeback is coming, I can still go either way with wallpaper- done right, i.e, tastefully, I love it. Done wrong, i.e, tack-ily, and those overwhelming patterns get my anxiety going in seconds.Here’s a look at some examples that work (for me). Enjoy!

VIa Elle Decor and thedeskoffannie.blogspot

The above works for me because the abundance of off-white walls surrounding the wall-papered hallway keeps the pattern from being too overwhelming or intrusive. The clean, simple decor adds to the polished look of the space.

Via Remodelista

For me, there is nothing not to love about Piet Hein Eek’s Scrapwood wallpaper. I love the feel it adds here.

Via decorpad.com

I love this clean, crisp bathroom; the wall paper really balances the room and keeps it from looking too narrow and tall.

So, as you can see, I guess my preference is understated. I prefer small doses and more neutral hues. Here is one last cute idea, from Fine Little Day:

Via Remodelista

xo, co