Father Time

by coco

Today marks the 6 year anniversary of my dad’s passing and so I’m writing about clocks. Any of you who knew him know why- my dad loved clocks. And watches. And pocket watches. He would often browse flea markets and garage sales for them, constructing cases for the smaller pieces, winding daily the larger ones. If he was still around I might inquire a little deeper into this fascination of his…watching time, when it doesn’t even really exist unless we do….

My mom is of the opinion that it is very cool to find little artistic spins on everyday mundane things- salt and pepper shakers, staplers….wall clocks? I agree.  I looked around a little and came up with two favorites: A chalkboard kitchen clock at Terrain (surprised?) and the “twice once clock” by designer Jonas Damon.

Terrain' s kitchen chalkboard clock

The Twice Once Clock

Inspired by traditional railway clocks, you mount the twice once clock (fun to say, too) on a wall, rendering it visible from either approaching direction; two clocks that actually operate independently of each other. (And now that I am thinking about it, I recently saw this clock hanging in a restaurant somewhere and commented then how much I liked it… where was that?!)

love you, dad. xo, co