Crisp New Sheets: A little piece of heaven….

by coco

I did it- I finally got new sheets yesterday and I slept so amazingly well that I was an hour late for work this morning! But it was soooooo worth it, and to be honest, I can’t wait for tonight to get back in bed.

My choice for sheets was a recommendation from Remodelista, where I was warned to be weary of a thread-count over 400 (because after that the threads are just thinner and weaker…read more here.)

Wamsutta Pinpoint Egyptian Cotton 360-Thread Sheets

I’m very very happy with everything I got: in addition to the sheets, one new [organic] pillow, a big new euro sham, and a heavy waffle textured sham (<— so my favorite! a bit of a splurge but you have to sometimes). It all came together so nicely.

I’m sticking with all white for now because I love the way it makes the whole space feel airy and bright, bigger and more open (and in a studio every little bit of this helps!) and because its so crisp and clean feeling. simply divine…..sweet dreams friends!