Spring is in the air!

by coco

Good design starts with good intentions, inspiration and the will to make it happen- just like everything in life! So today I hope we remember to stop and smell the flowers, find that inspiration once again and be happy because now is the time for our ideas, just like the flowers, to blossom.

All those forgotten “New Year’s Resolutions” that felt kinda stale from the beginning? Well, sure, it was the dead of winter- a great time to go quietly within, hibernate, reflect…but not the best time for new beginnings. Now, though, the air is warming, the hard snowy grounds are melting (ok not in SF, but still, metaphorically) and it’s time to plant once again! Each season has its own special quality, and Spring’s is so easily appreciated.

photo credit: Remodelista.com

I came across this photo today, and love the way the light plays in the garden and over the bright yellow door. So inviting, so cheerful. The use of yellow on interior walls can be tricky, but this is just right.

And while I don’t think my landlord would love me painting our front door yellow, I can’t wait to get some flowers for home after work. Maybe some nice tulips, cut short. How will you celebrate Spring?

xo, co