Reccomended Reading: Easy Living by Terence Conran

by coco

I started reading Terence Conran’s Easy Living last night and woke up feeling calmer and more rested than usual. This easily translates into a good mood– a sense of happy, even.  Maybe it’s because I was reminded to notice the light sneaking in through the windows this morning, or because I had a new re-found appreciation for the way my blankets felt- heavy and warm. Maybe after so much was accomplished this weekend, Monday just feels breezy- routine and expected can actually be pleasant sometimes.  Easy Living helped remind me that things don’t always have to be hard. Sounds simple enough, but I don’t think I’m the only one that, every now and again, makes things more complicated than they have to be.

Our lives are so full and crazy and that is all the more reason why our homes are so important- they can serve as our allies, our sacred retreats. They are the place where living can be easy, healing, restful. So here’s to good design, to home and to this great book, which gracefully guides us towards and breaks down the elements of “easy”.

xo, coco